World's Fastest Stick Shift Mustang Posts 8.58 Quarter-Mile

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Awesome power is rapidly sent to the tarmac with a few quick shifts of the stick.

Clocking the quarter-mile in under ten seconds is what's it's all about. It's a feat few manage to achieve, especially when riding stick. We're not sure what the world record is for a truck-stick Ford Mustang, but Poco Jang believes he's beaten it, twice, with a glut of enhancements including the highest power variant of Ford Racing's Boss 302 crate engine – the 500-horsepower 5.4-liter (331 cu. in.) – with forged internals, race cylinder heads, Precision T4 turbo with 4-inch downpipe, and McLeod RXT twin disc clutch kit.

The Stang also comes with a FAST XFI engine management system and custom methanol injection combining 70 percent gas and 30% C14 race gas. Both passes are made in less than nine seconds, but it's the final run of 8.58 seconds at 165 mph that sets a new world record for a stick-shift Stang.

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