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World’s Fastest Toilet Logs 46.6mph to Set Guinness Record

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Porcelain princess pilots motorized toilet to set yet another aimless Guinness World Record.

Evidently, there are no bounds to what Guinness will recognize as an official world record with the fastest motorized toilet falling well within their remit. No wonder the book never stops growing.

Jolene Van Vugt was chosen to pilot the latest toilet go-kart contraption at Sydney Olympic Park in Australia, flushing the previous record away by a sizeable 4.3mph, topping out at 46.6mph (75km/h). To satisfy Guinness World Record's lofty standards, the 100m-run was timed twice and the average taken. After she completed doing the business on the motorized porcelain bog, she described her experience on her blog: "It was pretty gnarly and I had a few close calls with the kart getting a little sketchy at high speeds on the rough, angled, cobble stones out front of the Sydney stadium.

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"It was super fun and it's always cool to work towards a Guinness World Record and what more could a girl ask for then a world record on a toilet! lol". Van Vugt now has three world records to her name, with the other two for doing back flips on dirt bikes. What a woman.