World's First AWD RX-7 Uses Hoonicorn Underpinnings

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Is this a sign of more AWD projects to come?

We came across pics and saw a lot of talk about Rob Dahm's insane project that he unveiled at SEMA 2016 not too long ago - the world's first all-wheel drive FD RX-7. While that in itself is a huge talking point, there's a heck of a lot more to the car than the drivetrain. The car is also wider with seriously blown out arches and smoothed over and molded-in bumpers, there's no bolt-on stuff here. Under the hood things are also pretty serious with a highly modified 4-rotor powering the one-off car.

Of course, you'd like to know a bit more about the car, anyone with gasoline in their veins would. Luckily Rob explains a bit more for us.

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We've seen motors and bodywork like this before, but the all-wheel drive system is something unique. Or is it? Well, yeah, it's custom and rather uncommon, but we've seen it before in Ken Block's Hoonicorn. Rob's FD uses the same setup, tweaked for his application of course. So now that's two classic, iconic cars that feature an all-wheel drive setup, this could well be the start of a new fleet of awesome cars using a similar setup. What's next then? We'd love to see some more unique builds, like an all-wheel drive hemi 'Cuda or maybe something like a Nissan 370Z. The absolute coolest could be a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am in full K.I.T.T guise complete with update artificial intelligence. Pic credit: Andy Perry

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