World's First Lamborghini Aventador Spider Scooped

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The first photos of a topless Lamborghini Aventador have arrived.

It's well known that Lamborghini plans to build a roadster version of their flagship Aventador starting next year, however the guys at Oakley Design have fallen in love with the Italian Stallion and couldn't wait a moment longer to start developing their own. Dubbed the Lamborghini Aventador LP760 Spider, the supercar not only boasts added power via a new titanium exhaust system and ECU remap but, for the first time ever, has received an open-air conversion.

Scooped by Shmee150, he has also added a video of the Lamborghini Aventador LP670 Spider shooting flames on the dyno while voicing its boisterous exhaust. Check out the clip below.

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In addition to the impressive removable hard-top, Oakley's changes allow for an extra 60 horsepower to be produced from the Aventador's fire-breathing V12. That means a total output of 760hp and, thanks to the lightweight titanium, weight-savings of over 75lbs. It's also worth mentioning that the conversion process was carried out by Cannes, France-based outfit Refined Marques. Along with Oakley Design's excellent work so far on the Aventador Spider, we have added some photos of Lamborghini's prototype Aventador Roadster in the gallery below for you to compare. What it lacks in "Aventador J" styling, it sure makes up for it in terms of practicality.

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