World's First McLaren P1 Replacement Alloys

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New wheels are bigger and lighter than the P1's stock alloys.

All 375 units of the McLaren P1 have been sold, so owners will soon be on the hunt for aftermarket parts. Tuners and stylists will be hard pressed to get hold of one of the British supercars to work on, but German tuner Gemballa has managed to do just that and is now working on the world's first replacement wheel for the P1. Dubbed the Gforged-one, the exclusive forged wheels are staggered 20/21 inches front/rear, which is an inch bigger than the stock wheels that come from Woking.


Yet, thanks to using thin walls, the wheels are lighter, helping to further boost the P1's agility. Gemballa has applied the McLaren's "Designed by Air" concept used on the P1 to the design of its new wheels, using widely spaced twin-spoke pairs shaped into Vs that give it an aerodynamic, robust look, while enabling the brakes to shine through. Customers can choose between four surface finishes with Gunmetal or Black Magic colors available with a full-surface or diamond cut finish.

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