World's First Pagani Zonda Bodykit

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As pointless bodykits go, this is up there with some of the worst.

The Osaka Auto Messe, a tuning and aftermarket show in Japan, was held recently and it was there that the first ever Pagani Zonda to have been given aftermarket modifications was spotted. Named the Anija Z after its proud owner Mr. Anija, what started life as a 7.0-liter silver Zonda S with blue interior has been transformed by a white bodykit. A new front skirt boasts LED accents, and a new set of mirrors are attached to the front fender as opposed to the window, mirroring the style of the Zonda F.

All four corners have a new wheel arch trim and an air scoop has been mounted to the roof but it's not until you check out the rear that the full extent of the kit comes into focus. Here a massive rear wing, imitating that of the Zonda R but with side mountings, has been added. There's also a huge rear diffuser and a set of LEDs create a red accent in the mesh trim. Finally we come to the exhaust, which has been rotated 90 degrees to form a quad-exhaust in the shape of a cross, and the wheels that are a gold set of Forgiato Vizzo-Ms.

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