World's Largest Dump Truck Has Massive Dumps

And only in a Russian-speaking country would something this nuts be made.

There’s really no reason for something like this to exist, but we’re still glad someone had the balls to build it. A Belarusian company called Belaz has just unveiled its latest creation, a dump truck called the 75710. It can carry an insane 496-ton payload and is powered by two 16-cylinder turbocharged diesel engines. Just to give you an idea as to how powerful that is, each engine produces 2,300 horsepower – that’s right, it has 4,600 hp. Torque is measured at an equally nuts 13,738 lb-ft. Top speed is 40 mph.

All told, the 75710 weighs in at a whopping 893 tons. So can something like this be used for? Belaz claims it’s the ideal dump truck for mining purposes, and the company has even submitted the necessary paperwork in order to have the thing marked as the biggest dump truck in the world.

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