World's Most Expensive Car Just Sold For $30 Mil at Auction

Legendary F1 Juan Manual Fangio's 1954 Mercedes-Benz race car has become the most expensive car ever sold at auction.

That would be $29.65 million to be exact. This is now the most expensive price anyone has paid for a car at auction. In fact, the car itself is a legendary machine in the F1 racing world. This 1954 Mercedes W196R, chassis number 00006/54, was driven by none other than Juan Manual Fangio in the 1954 German and Swiss Grand Prix races. Yes, he won both races in this car, giving the automaker its first back-to-back post-war Grand Prix victories.

This Mercedes W196R was also the first F1 car to feature fuel-injection, a tubular spaceframe chassis and a straight eight-cylinder engine. Those technologies may come across as standard, or even ancient, today, but at the time they were quite revolutionary. Bonhams Chairman, Robert Brooks, stated that this car is the "most important historic Grand Prix racing car ever sold." The buyer is unknown, but there’s no question he or she has very deep pockets. Perhaps the best part about the car is that it remains unrestored, even slightly damaged, and all original – just the way Fangio left it.

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