World's Only Chrome-Wrapped Murcielago GT 660

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BF Performance has created an eye-catching custom chrome Lamborghini.

German tuning company BF Performance has completed their work on one of the most unique Lamborghinis in the world. Claimed to be the only chrome-wrapped Murcielago on earth, the GT 660 features not only a shiny exterior but also some extra power and added aerodynamics to boot. In terms of power, the Murcie's V12 has been boosted by 25 horsepower and 16 pound-feet of torque for a total output of around 660hp.

The added power contributes to slightly improved performance and further complemented by a 12-piece carbon fiber body kit. Along with 15 new components for the interior, the BF Performance Murcielago GT 660 is truly a unique supercar.

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Though most people will get lost in the sheer obscenity that is the chrome wrap, BF has made available wheels ranging from 19- to 21-inches to further enhance the chrome car's profile.

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