World's Only Ferrari Motorbike Sold for £85k in Auction

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The only official Ferrari motorbike ever made finally moves on to a new collector.

Carbuzz and Ferrari have one thing in common: we don't do bikes. However, there's always room for an exception and this is it. The story of the 1995 Ferrari 900cc begins with David Kay of David Kay Engineering writing to Enzo Ferrari's son Piero, requesting to build a one-of-a-kind motorcycle adorned with the Ferrari badge as a tribute to his late father. In May 1990, a letter signed by P. Ferrari himself was received by Kay giving him permission to proceed with project.

Four years and 3,000 man hours later and the bike, inspired by what he thought Ferrari would create if they decided to make an endurance racing machine, was made. The 900cc engine was built from scratch, the entire bodywork is made out of aluminum, it sports a set of Testarossa vents, and the noise it makes when powering to its estimated top speed of 164mph is described as 'a Messerschmitt chasing a Spitfire.' The Ferrari 900 spent the majority of its life in the previous owner's drawing room, as it was considered more a work of art than anything else.

In 2008, the one-off Ferrari motorbike failed to reach a £180,000 reserve in auction, and no-one went for it on eBay when it turned up with a £250k price tag. However, just last month the British collector finally managed to move the masterpiece on, and in a Bonham's auction it was sold for £85,000.

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