World's Second M Exclusive Dealership Opened in St. Petersburg

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Russia's second largest city is honored to house BMW's second ever M exclusive showroom.

Hot on the heels of BMW's first exclusive M dealership in Singapore's Teban Gardens Crescent that opened its doors in 2010, the automaker's second exclusive M showroom has just opened in St. Petersburg, Russia, appropriately named 'Park M.' What originated to handle BMW's racing program in the early seventies, the M division has grown exponentially over the following decades and is responsible for high-performance models such as the M3 and M6.

As the sixth largest market for M automobiles, St. Petersburg's selection as the sub-brand's second M showroom may not seem so strange. Russia is also considered by BMW to be one of the hottest emerging markets for M vehicles, with the X6M the most popular model in the country.

During the opening ceremony, MD Alexander Bystrov said: "Our dealership is located in a new business district of St. Petersburg where young, modern business people live and work. For them, speed, power and prestige are important in a car. You will find all this and more in the unique products of BMW M." Park M has the entire BMW model range on display and the showroom has some unique features including an interactive sound wall where customers can listen via headphones to the revving of different M engines, and a display of BMW's heritage.

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