World's Worst Valet Tries To Look Cool In A Lamborghini, Starts Fire Instead

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This Lamborghini and valet both get seriously fired!

Most valets must not know how to drive because the Internet is littered with videos of valets crashing supercars. This valet though, made a different type of mistake. The Lamborghini Aventador that he was parking is well-known for being able to shoot flames out of the exhaust when revving the engine hard. While this is not the safest feature out there, it looks cool and is relatively harmless when the car is moving and passing air carries the hot exhaust away from the car. This is where the valet made a crucial error.

The valet was sitting in traffic revving up the Aventador. This means that no passing air could pull the hot flames away from the car. With the flames being so close to the car, you can certainly guess what happened next. Needles to say this valet got fired, but not before the car did.

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