World's First 8-Second BMW M4 Is A 1,000-HP Monster

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The owner claims a world record for the quickest G8X BMW in a quarter mile.

It's not every day you get to see a BMW M4 clocking an eight-second quarter-mile time, but that's exactly what happened with Bernard and his German coupe. He built the car with that purpose in mind - to go faster than his previous nine-second pass with the same car.

In a video posted by Bernard on Instagram, the modified M4 clocked in 8.89 seconds for the quarter-mile sprint at the Cecil County Drag Raceway, finishing at 156 mph. He claims that this is the fastest G8X BMW in the world - a claim that would be hard to dispute because... who's keeping tabs, really?

Then again, that feat was nothing to scoff at, but it wasn't without plenty of hard work involved. To achieve the feat, Bernard performed a ton of modifications on his G82 M4, which he calls "Bumblebee," most of which occurred under the hood.
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AutoCraft BMW built the M4's S58 engine from the ground up and heavily modified it with parts that can handle the extra power, such as a CSF intake manifold.

For force induction, Bernard used Ladermanufaktur LM900 twin-turbochargers, modified with larger turbines. The build also comes with a custom exhaust system that consists of a full twin 3.5-inch downpipe from Active Auto Works that leads into a single midpipe and then out the back through 3.5-inch piping.

To handle the extra power, the M4 also has a fully built transmission by Pure Drive Solutions. The M4, which runs on E85 fuel, also has a tune from GPT Motorsports. Bernard claims the final setup produced around 1,000 horsepower at the wheels and about 850 to 900 lb-ft of torque.

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He didn't disclose any exact figures from the dyno, but that amount of juice almost doubles the most potent version of the S58 engine from the factory, the 553-hp 3.0 CSL.

On the outside, the BMW M4 looks close to stock, aside from the front end, which has what appears to be the Adro M4 front fascia that shrinks down the stock M4's bucktoothed grille. 19-inch M Performance 963 wheels that are wrapped in 285/35 rubber at each corner, and at the rear, it sports taillights from the M4 CSL. As for its wicked stance, that's courtesy of KW lowering springs on otherwise stock BMW suspension.

According to his latest post on YouTube, he will be shifting to a single turbo setup for the M4, hoping to get faster times at the drag strip. Who knows - maybe his new setup could join the seven-second club before long.

Pilymoy/Instagram Pilymoy/Instagram Pilymoy/Instagram

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