World's First BMW M4 Pickup Coming To SEMA

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Someone has already chopped up a G82 M4 in the interest of distinction.

The BMW M4 coupe is a very versatile machine. If you're skillful enough, it's a great drift car. If you want to take a long road trip, it can be quiet and comfortable. And with the addition of M xDrive all-wheel drive, it can do all of these things in just about any weather. In addition, the sports car is rewarding to modify, and many tuners have explored what is possible on this platform. But while many tuners have focused on either upgrading its performance or addressing the elongated kidney grilles, one American carbon fiber specialist has decided to focus on the rear end of the car. Say hello to the M4LOO, the world's first BMW M4 pickup.

dinmanncf/Instagram Rear-Facing View BMW Forward View BMW
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The crazy creation is the work of DinMann, whose owner reveals that he initially wanted to build the world's first M4 pickup on the preceding F82 platform. But after concerning himself with what "haters" might say and worrying that these internet trolls would assume he had built a pickup from a salvaged F82, he decided to wait for the G82 to arrive. After taking delivery in the middle of April this year, he and his team have begun work on the project, which he hopes to have ready for the SEMA show in just over six weeks. Looking at the list of sponsors and supporters of the project, we can probably expect a wild color change, but not much else has been revealed yet.


We know, we know. How could you chop up a perfectly good and brand-new BMW M4 to turn it into a pickup? Why would you do such a thing? Because you can - what other reason do you need? In fact, although BMW may never have intended to turn the M3 or M4 into a pickup, the German automaker has had fun with the idea in the past, building a one-of-one E30 M3 pickup and a one-off E92 M3 pickup. In more recent times, it created a one-off truck concept based on the X7 luxury SUV. Thankfully, it didn't throw too much cash away pursuing the idea, unlike Mercedes-Benz with its unloved X-Class, a slightly posher version of a somewhat agricultural Nissan workhorse.


We'll keep an eye on this crazy build as the work progresses, but so far, the seats have been removed to ensure they are not damaged and a large section of the carbon fiber roof has been cut away. A crude (and hopefully temporary) cross-brace has been added to the area that will now form the top of the rear window, and everything behind the front row has been scrapped, including carpeting, seats, and more. Next up is the tricky bodywork including the fabrication of a custom tailgate, the creation of a usable bed, and the installation of a new bulkhead. We hope it's ready for us to drink in from November 1-4 at SEMA in Las Vegas.

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