World's First Desert Hypercar Will Cost Over $1.3 Million

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Prodrive Is building a road-legal version of its current Paris Dakar racer.

Based in the UK, Prodrive is a prolific racing company that has built everything from Subaru Impreza rally cars to Ferrari and Aston Martin GT racing cars. The company also used its racing expertise to build the potent P2 road car based on a Subaru R1 kei car with a modified WRX STi engine. According to Autocar, Prodrive's next road car will create an entirely new segment. Effectively, it will be a road-legal version of the BRX T1 that competes in the Paris Dakar Rally, creating the world's first "desert hypercar."

Speaking with Autocar, Prodrive's founder and CEO David Richards confirmed that the road-going Dakar racer will be built at the company's headquarters in Banbury.


It will reportedly be called the Hunter following the BRX T1's success in its competition debut at the 2021 Paris Dakar Rally earlier this year. Two BRX T1s competed in the challenging desert endurance race. The team's best result was achieved by Spanish racing driver Nani Roma, who finished fifth outright. Unfortunately, the other BRX T1 driven by Sebastien Loeb was forced to retire.

Like the BRX T1 it's based on, the road-legal rally raid car will have a body designed by Jaguar's former design director Ian Callum and will have similar dimensions and suspension. Powering the Hunter will be the Dakar racer's Ford-sourced 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine.


Whereas the Dakar racer is restricted to 400 hp, the road-legal variant will be uprated to 500 hp. To make it more comfortable to use on the road, the interior will also be revamped.

"Nobody's ever done a car like it before," said Richards. "Imagine a road car capable of going across the sand dunes at 100 mph - and keep doing it for 300 miles because the fuel tank is so big. It's going to be quite exciting." Prodrive aims to build a prototype of the road-going Hunter by the end of the year. When it goes on sale, it's expected to cost around £1 million ($1,380,424).

Source Credits: Autocar

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