World's Only Kia Stinger Convertible Looks Sensational

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A dealer in Florida went well beyond the call of duty for this one.

Kia lacks a truly aspirational model in its lineup right now, which is probably not a serious concern for a company that can't stop selling SUVs. Still, there's no slinky coupe, stylish drop-top, or genuine sports car. So, how about a Kia Stinger convertible? Kia is unlikely to ever build such a car, but City Kia in Orlando, Florida, decided to take matters into its own hands and chop the roof off a regular Stinger anyway. The one-off vehicle was unveiled this past weekend in a live video on the dealer's Facebook page, and unlike some other misguided convertibles, this one is a success.


The end result is one very long, surprisingly sleek Kia drop-top - it probably helps that the Stinger sedan is quite a looker. The rear doors have been retained, making this one of the rare four-door convertibles you're ever likely to find. For the team, the windows were one of the biggest obstacles to overcome in the construction of the convertible, along with the short rear trunk that makes it tough to stow the roof. The team created a tri-folding top to enable the long roof to be stowed effectively. Of course, the advantage is that this becomes one of the most accommodating drop-tops in the world.


Other modifications include a repositioned antenna, square-tipped exhaust outlets, forged wheels, and a carbon fiber hood. Mechanical upgrades include performance downpipes and a catback exhaust. The team eventually aims to tune the V6 to produce around 500 horsepower, and while reinforcements were mentioned to account for the loss of the roof, it's not clear what these are. Still, the ambitious project makes us wonder about the possibilities if Kia elected to expand the Stinger family beyond the sedan we have now. While this is unlikely, City Kia should be commended on a job well done.

Forward Vision Kia
Burnout Kia
Rear View Driving Kia
Source Credits: City Kia - Facebook

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