World's Only Remaining 6-Door Passenger Car Bites The Dust

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We all knew it was going to happen.

For all the Mini Clubman fans, it appears the end is nigh. Top Gear recently spoke with the head of Mini, Stefanie Wurst, about the beloved six-door model, and she flat-out said the Clubman is done for.

Discussing the segment's future, Wurst said, "I wouldn't say the space is filled, but we will not have a Clubman." Instead, other models will fill a similar niche. "The Aceman is a smaller concept, but I think the five-door space is filled well by the Countryman and the Aceman. If you look at the sales numbers worldwide the Countryman doubles the Clubman."

Even if it isn't an official announcement, you can't get more straightforward than that. We can't say we're surprised, given rumors of the Clubman's demise have been swirling for several months now, and a final edition has been announced. The model has always occupied a rather unique space in the automotive world, and it will be sad not to see those barn doors anymore.

Mini Mini Mini

Mini has had a whirlwind few weeks as it revealed its next-generation Hardtop and Countryman models. Both models now feature the most significant design departures to date, offering crisper lines and futuristic looks while retaining classic mini cues. Both models will be available with electric and combustion variants, while the yet-to-be-fully-unveiled Aceman will arrive strictly as an EV.

Historically, the Clubman had its best US sales year in 2016, when it sold 12,203 units. This has dropped consistently since, leading to just 1,970 units sold in 2021. Numbers appear to be improving slightly in 2023, but it's a little too late for a model the company has already deemed not worth saving.

With the Countryman and Aceman set to eat up all of the crossover sales, and the Hardtop filling in the classic mini hatchback with a convertible version sure to come, the quirkiness of the Clubman doesn't have a place anymore outside of enthusiasts who want wagons.

2020-2023 Mini John Cooper Works Clubman Front View Driving Mini 2020-2024 Mini John Cooper Works Clubman Trunk Lid Mini
2020-2023 Mini John Cooper Works Clubman Front View Driving
2020-2024 Mini John Cooper Works Clubman Trunk Lid

In fact, it appears dark clouds are rolling over the enthusiast mini crowd in general. When the Mini Hardtop EV was unveiled, we found out the famed John Cooper Works had been seriously neutered. There's still a chance for the company to correct this with the combustion version, but we can't deny it is a letdown. Then there's the fact the manual transmission is done after next year, which is less surprising but disappointing nonetheless.

The silver lining is that the JCW version of the Countryman should be a little more potent to match its more aggressive looks. There's also hope the company could come out with another John Cooper Works GP model since the last one was such a success and it appears Stefanie Wurst would like it to happen.

MINI Front Angle View Mini Trunk Space Mini
Front Angle View
Trunk Space

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2020-2023 Mini John Cooper Works Clubman Front View Driving

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