World's Toughest School Bus Ready For Kids That Live In The Wild

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This thing will climb over mountains.

They're slow, yellow, and hold up traffic. No we're not talking about a Hummer H3 or Toyota Prius, but the humble school bus which has been serving the US population for decade. While it might get the job done, it's not very exciting to look at, or ride in. Those two issues have been challenged numerous times with jet-powered monstrosities, and diesel-chugging dragsters, but rarely does one spot a school bus that is geared to take a bunch of kids halfway up Mount Everest without breaking a sweat.

The Praetorian School Bus is the creation of Torsus - makers of the world's toughest minivan - that will conquer the most challenging school runs across the globe with a smile on its face.

Torsus Torsus Torsus Torsus

The Praetorian is a heavy-duty off-road truck that is capable of climbing up mountains and crossing raging rivers, and now this beast of a machine is available as a school bus. The school bus makes use of the standard Praetorian platform and off-road features, but now offers enough space for 35 children and their school bags. The bus features an upgraded heavy-duty Man chassis, a 290-horsepower, 848 lb-ft Man powertrain, and massive off-road Michelin tires. Other technical features include a one-cylinder air compressor, cruise control, a low-geared transfer case, and a top speed of 60 mph.

Torsus Torsus Torsus Torsus

Vakhtang Dzhukashvili, CEO of Torsus, says "the Praetorian is made to be adaptable and versatile, so naturally we are looking at other ways the bus can be used in various situations around the world. The school bus was one of the first ideas we had, as the Praetorian is a safe and solid vehicle that we know can keep its occupants protected in even the most testing of conditions. Wherever in the world customers might need a school bus solution for safely and efficiently driving on testing terrain, the Praetorian School Bus is an option that will deliver every time." The way things are going, Portland should invest in a few of these.

Torsus Torsus Torsus Torsus

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