Worried About Hybrid Porsches? Here's Why You Shouldn't Be

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Hybrid Porsche 911s won't be here anytime soon.

Automakers, even ones that make some of the best performance cars in the world, are looking towards creating hybrids in the near future. While Porsche has already committed to creating the Mission E electric sedan, a new hybrid sports car is also on the way. As you guessed this model would be based on the iconic 911. Purists, take a moment to compose yourselves. According to Porsche, a hybrid sports car won't come until a certain electric sedan goes on sale. That's more than a few years down the road, folks.


In an interview with Herman-Josef Stappen, who is in charge of technology communications for the automaker, Road & Track found out that a sports car using technology from the 918 Spyder and Mission E wouldn't be built until after the electric sedan goes into production. While that's not a clear timeline, it means that a hybrid sports car from Porsche won't arrive until after 2020. With Porsche turbocharging its entire lineup, the hybrid sports car will most likely use a version of the turbocharged engine that is found in the latest 911. The good news is that enthusiasts still have some time to get their hands on a non-hybrid sports car before 2020. After that there will be at least one hybrid model in Porsche's arsenal.

Source Credits: www.roadandtrack.com

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