Worst Friend Ever Takes Buddy's Lamborghini And Ruthlessly Destroys It

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This supercar owner gives an inch and his friend takes a mile.

What good is a friend if you can't borrow their things from time to time? Letting a friend borrow a TV or a barbecue grill is one thing, but for gearheads, letting a friend borrow your 543 horsepower Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera is like letting them borrow your firstborn child. Lets hope it isn't the friend you've seen drunkenly shouting karaoke shirtless on top of a bar before. Unfortunately for Taiwanese Lamborghini owner Song Mai, his friend Hu Xiao is exactly this type of friend.

Xiao is a gearhead and Mai had enough of a heart and guts to let 32-year-old Xiao take his orange 5.2-liter V10 Gallardo for a spin. Xiao went down as the worst friend ever after he lied to Mai about only wanting to go for a spin. Xiao ended up meeting with a Porsche and another Lamborghini owner to race the car he didn't own. During the race, he lost control and hit an innocent driver while doing 80 mph. Amazingly, no one was hurt but the wrecked Gallardo had to be written off. Mai wisely mentioned that he would never let Xiao borrow anything he owns ever again.

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