Worst Veyron Replica Ever?

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Asian variant of Suzuki Swift given Bugatti Veyron styling is a creative eyesore.

Replicas aren't inherently bad. Take the Enzo replica complete with BMW-sourced V12 and fiberglass and carbon-fiber composite body, for instance. However we've yet to come across a convincing Veyron replica, with this latest offering from Indian custom builder SF Carz is perhaps the least impressive. Naturally, full marks for creativity must be awarded. Not many tuning houses (thankfully) look at a Maruti Esteem (read: old Suzuki Swift) and think: "Hmmmm, I wonder what that would look like rebodied as a Bugatti?"

But that's exactly the question SF Carz asked. And this is its answer. Indian tuners are no strangers to transforming small cars into large-car-lookalikes, with Big Daddy Customs responsible for turning a Tata Safari into a Range Rover Evoque. If that was a bad mistake then taking this humble city car and pimping it out with hypercar styling was a criminal undertaking. It's now just a matter of time until a Smart ForTwo is transformed into a Hummer.

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Bugatti Chiron Head-To-Head: Pur Sport Vs. Super Sport
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Source Credits: indianautosblog.com sfcarz.com

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