Would Alfa Romeo Be Out Of Its Mind To Make A Stelvio Coupe?


Sometimes things that are wrong can feel oh so right. This isn't one of those cases.

Aside from the obvious rise in popularity of the crossover SUV, the tides also seem to be rolling in for high end coupes, with Mercedes-Benz debuting the S-Class Coupe and BMW making mention of the two-door 8 Series. But what would happen if you stuck the two trends together? It might sound like a disgusting mashup akin to eating mustard with ice cream, but we're sure the perennial bachelor who likes sports cars and the great outdoors would bite this Quadrifoglio-badged lure made by rendering artist Theophilus Chin.

Stranger two-door SUVs have made it to market, just look to the Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet or the Range Rover Evoque Convertible for proof of that. With Volkswagen planning to build the T-Cross Breeze, which is not much more than a Volkswagen Beetle Dune Convertible with a new face and extra ground clearance, Theo Chin's creation seems to be in good company. After chopping off the two rear doors, Chin then raised the ride height and raked the windshield and rear windows inward towards the center of the car to give it more of a coupe roofline. For better or for worse, we think the likelihood of such a coupe/SUV mashup coming to market sits at exactly zero.

For one, raising the ride hight would make the Stelvio QV a burden on the track and works against its high-performance hardware. On the other hand, the loss of two doors and cargo space thanks to the stooped windows makes the Stelvio completely unpractical as an off-road machine or a weekend mountain bike hauler. If anything, the two-door Stelvio SUV proves that designers at Alfa Romeo didn't go wrong because even with a body that's, well, non-conventionally attractive, its face still looks great. The Stelvio and Giulia's looks seem to carry over well to just about anything including a wagon or a hot hatch, but if any Alfa should get the coupe treatment first, we all know it's the Giulia QV.

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