Would Anyone Object To A Reborn Porsche 928, Courtesy Of The Next Panamera?

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The return of the Porsche grand tourer.

This isn't such a new subject, but it's one that's failed to die, nonetheless. According to Motor1, Porsche is strongly considering a new coupe and convertible model based on the same platform as the upcoming second generation Panamera sedan. If this were to happen, it wouldn't at all be unreasonable to consider the project as something like a 928 revival of sorts. Porsche's new North America CEO, Klaus Zellmer, told Motor1 that Americans are even keener for a Panamera-based coupe and convertible than they are for SUVs.

Interesting. A reborn 928 could even be considered a BMW 6 Series fighter, a real Porsche grand tourer. At the moment, however, Porsche hasn't made anything official. Zellmer, for his part, has been with Porsche for more than 20 years, so he's experienced first-hand the mega success of both the Panamera and Cayenne, two vehicles that owe much of their popularity to American buyers. Point being is that if American Porsche customers are clamoring for a Panamera-based coupe and convertible, chances are Porsche will oblige. In the meantime, development is reportedly in full swing with the 960, a new mid-engined supercar that'll take on the likes of the Ferrari 488 GTB.

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Source Credits: www.motor1.com

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