Would Bentley Ever Build This Awesome Wagon!?


If Bentley wants to compete with the Ferrari FF, it should be considered.

Renderings are one of the coolest ways to show off awesome ideas. Artists can combine their love of cars and art to create some visually spectacular creations. Rain Prisk Designs has created a stunning rendering for a Bentley Continental Wagon. While Bentley has no plans to build a luxury wagon, it might not be the craziest idea ever. The prospect of an all-wheel drive Ferrari hatchback seemed like a crazy idea, but the Ferrari FF has turned out to be a pretty cool car with tons of practical features.

Bentley is already raising some eyebrows by venturing into the SUV market. The SUV sector has long been left to the "normal" car manufacturers while companies like Bentley, and Lamborghini work on sportier vehicles. Now, though, even Lamborghini is set to join the SUV market with its upcoming Urus. While this rendering might just be yet another desperate plea for a manufacturer to build a cool wagon, Bentley might want to consider building the ultimate luxury estate to take on the Ferrari FF. A wagon can take the luggage-hauling practicality of an SUV and combine it with the pure handling characteristics of a sports car. Come on, Bentley, make it happen.

Source Credits: www.facebook.com

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