Would BMW Ever Actually Make This New M1 Supercar?


They are way overdue.

In late September rumors of a supercar collaboration between McLaren and BMW were unequivocally shot down, much to the dismay of BMW fans who have long been hankering for a new supercar by their favorite brand. And justifiably so. After all, the German automaker hasn't delved into the realm of supercar production since the M1 of the 1980s. However, if there was ever any hope of the legendary M1 being revived, or the production of something similar in the modern day, here's what it might look like.

Inspired by BMW's famed M1 supercar, South African auto rendering artist Giom Mouton attempted to design a new futuristic version of the vehicle and this is the result of his vision. The artist's rendering takes design cues from the original M1, most notably the signature louver engine cover. The concept would be powered by the same 3.0 liter turbocharged inline-six used in the M4 and have around 500 hp. Regarding the design Mouton stated, "My design is taking inspiration from – rather than copying – the original…The concept is lightweight construction with less emphasis on luxury; performance and handling take center stage and active aerodynamics and a very low center of gravity plays a big part."

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