Would Jaguar Be Wise To Cash In On The Compact SUV Craze With This?

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Where was Ian Callum when this thing was being designed?

We have a theory that rendering artists are wasting their time making cool cars. Of course we all love to imagine what a Jaguar F-Type Shooting Brake would look like using a digital rendition, but why spend all that time trying to outdo one another with testosterone-laden lines and instead add a dose or two of comedy? Whether intentionally or not, comedy is the main ingredient used in this rendering of a compact Jaguar hatchback made by artist Kleber Silva of São Paulo, Brazil.

Okay maybe the integral part of this concoction is the face of a Jaguar XF mixed with the body of an F-Pace, but it's hard not to laugh when taking in the complete package, which looks like something out of Ian Callum's worst nightmares. In all fairness, a Jaguar of this size would be inevitable if the British automaker one day expands to the size of Germany's luxury car manufacturers, and it would sit in good company among the Mercedes CLA, BMW X1, and Audi Q3. However, Jaguar is not looking to stoop this low. At least according to what we previously heard in 2016 from Jaguar's Managing Director in Australia, Matthew Wiesner.

At the moment, Jaguar is focusing its efforts on the F-Pace's electrified equivalent, the I-Pace SUV, but our spy photographers did catch a mystery Jaguar SUV, which rumors claim is the compact E-Pace, testing in the snow making Wiesner either look like a liar or an uninformed employee. While the mystery Jag was covered in camouflage, it was easy to see that it would look nowhere near as pathetic as this rendering image, which almost makes the Jaguar look related to the Fiat 500X. We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief with the knowledge that Jaguar still knows it must remain sexy to sell. Especially after the F-Pace won an award for being the most beautiful car in the world.

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