Would Jenson Button Be The Right Replacement For Chris Evans?

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JB's personality might be the very reason why he won't be hired.

We're only two episodes into the Top Gear reboot, and already the show's garnered a bit of shtick from viewers and critics. While the second episode was a noticeable improvement on the debut broadcast and are willing to gloss over the show's early growing pains, there's no denying that the presenting format needs some work in order to file away the rougher edges. And, as Chris Evans has become the de facto lead anchor on 'New New Top Gear', an awful lot of scorn has - rightfully or wrongfully - been flung in his direction.

The latest dig at Chris Evans' place in Top Gear has come about through the very first VT on last week's episode: the McLaren 675LT review.

In said piece, the current McLaren Formula One driver Jenson Button was brought on, with the main aim being to show how close the car is to more track-orientated stuff like the McLaren P1. The thing is, though, more people were focusing on the 2009 F1 World Champion's presenting style, with many seemingly showcasing a preference for the British racer's delivery than Evans' shouty dialogue that flies in the face of the advice Jeremy Clarkson gave him last year. As far as audience reactions go, hoping your lead anchor is replaced by a one-off guest probably wasn't what the Top Gear production team was expecting.

Not that Chris Evans is will be replaced by Jenson anytime soon (in spite of the alright job he did presenting a spoof BBC F1 live show in 2012). The fact he's still locked into a McLaren contract until 2017 means Evans should've found his footing by the time Button does indeed retire from F1. Plus, even if he is signed on as a TG host, don't expect JB to steal the limelight from Chris Evans - the first two episodes of TG 2016 have very much been the 'The Chris Evans & Matt LeBlanc Car Show', with the distinct presenting personalities of Sabine Schmitz, Eddie Jordan and Chris Harris being sidelined to occasional appearances or spin-off shows. Perhaps, you could argue cynically, to protect Chris Evans' ego and status in this new era of Top Gear.

Would we like to see Jenson Buton host Top Gear one day? Yes. He's a genuinely likeable personality with mass appeal (especially in the UK and Japan), and we feel his easy-going attitude would work quite well. But, let's be honest: it'll never happen. Hiring JB seems unnecessary when you've four other charismatic presenters with hardly any screen time as it is. Plus, it's still early days for Top Gear yet. Anyone who remembers New Top Gear in its early days will recall how dry and serious it was (Jezza's first TG review was on a van, for God's sake!), and how it took a few seasons before the format was nailed to a tee. So, whilst we implore you to criticize the show where it's appropriate, do at least condider giving it a bit of slack for the time being.

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