Would Mercedes Be Better Off Building This Maybach 850 Landaulet?

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This is the Mercedes for those who think the Maybach S600 looks too subdued.

BMW and Volkswagen rest comfortably knowing those at the top of the social hierarchy (in terms of money that is) continually buy Rolls-Royce and Bentley vehicles. On the other hand, Mercedes has made luxury vehicles for as long as the mainstream automobile has been around but had yet to build a high-end brand until it purchased Maybach. With Mercedes' investment spawning the Maybach Vision 6 Concept and other interesting cars, rendering artist Peisert Design decided to give a crack a the Maybach we should have gotten all along.

The Mercedes-Maybach brand's first car was the S600, an upgraded version of the Mercedes S-Class for the rich that, to the untrained eye, looked a bit too similar to the standard S-Class sedan for buyers considering Bentley or Rolls-Royce alternatives. The Maybach S600 was also a stark contrast to pupil-grabbing designs of the Maybach Vision 6 Concept or the new G650 Landaulet, so before Mercedes could have the last word, Piesert Design opened up Photoshop and got to work on this majestic sedan. To make it, Piesert Design simply took the Maybach S600 and gave it a makeover using inspiration from the Vision 6 Concept. At the rear is a sloped deck lid while the front features upgrades of its own.

These include a long hood, a glowing Maybach logo up front to indicate when the autonomous drive mode is active, and cameras in place of side mirrors for better aerodynamics. Piesert Design's concept is powered by a V12 engine up front and two electric motors in the rear for a total of 800 horsepower being shared between all four wheels.

Four-wheel steering is also standard to help with the extended wheelbase. Our favorite feature is the three glass panels on the roof that can retract into the trunk and render this concept a landaulet, where the rear passenger compartment's roof can retract for an open-air experience. Our only gripe with the design is that the rear looks more bloated than the front, as can be seen by the thin wheel arches up front and the thick body lines over the wheel arches at the rear. Regardless, we like the direction Piesert Design takes even if it's only because this Maybach 850 Landaulet gives Rolls-Royce and Bentley some stiff design competition in the sedan department.


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