Would This Badass Motorhome Get You Through The Zombie Apocalypse?

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If not then it's a close second.

If you want to survive any sort of apocalypse then Action Mobil is the outfit to calll. The German company makes some of the most insane motorhomes around, such as the Global XRS 7200 seen here. This massive motorhome looks like it's built for war when seen from the outside, but on the inside it's basically an apartment on wheels. There's a dining table with a separate breakfast nook, a large (relatively speaking) bathroom and a small sleeping space. It may not seem luxurious but it's priced as such.

The Global XRS 7200 has a beastly price tag to match its looks: One of these bad boys will cost you $934,000. That's a ton of money that could be spent in a bunch of other ways. Still, this thing looks like it could easily get you through the zombie apocalypse and then some which is more than can be said for just about every supercar for sale today.

Source Credits: actionmobil.com

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