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Would You Be Embarrassed To Drive The Quirky Toyota S-FR In Public?

Watch the first official on-road video of it and then decide.

Toyota has just released a promotional video for its S-FR sports car concept. The S-FR is a baby Scion FR-S with seating for four and a "unique" look. Honestly, the concept leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to its looks but you can’t stay mad at a car that looks like a ton of fun. Anyway, back to the plot. This video doesn’t reveal much in the way of new information about the concept, but we do get to see it on the road. What we also get to see for the first time is its instrument cluster in action.

Toyota has hit a homerun here, with the design merging simplistic and futuristic perfectly. Hopefully the S-FR gets a new design if it ever makes production. After watching this video you may have second thoughts about being seen driving this thing in public.

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