Would You Be Happy If The 2022 BMW X8 M Looked Like This?

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The all-new model is expected to arrive with a 750-hp hybrid powertrain.

Earlier this year, we found out that the upcoming BMW X8 M won't just be the Bavarian marque's most powerful SUV, but its most powerful M car. Powered by a plug-in hybrid powertrain - the first for a full-fat M car - the hyper SUV is expected to produce up to 750 horsepower. That's a lot more than the 617 horses generated by the 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine in the likes of the M5 Competition, BMW's most powerful current engine.

But what will the X8 M look like? Like you, we're almost afraid of the answer to that question based on some of BMW's latest designs, but superrenderscars on Instagram has given us an idea of what to anticipate.

X-Tomi Design

As expected, their render showcases a coupe-style BMW SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle) with a couple of prerequisite M touches. The slim headlights are very similar to those seen on the X7. Between those headlamps is a fairly straightforward interpretation of the signature kidney grilles, which are joined at the center and, although large, aren't proportionally as enormous as the grilles on the latest 7 Series and 4 Series Coupe.

Spy shots of the smaller X4 M lead us to believe that perhaps these coupe-SUVs will be spared from the mega-grille treatment. There are large front air intakes with gloss-black surrounds and M-inspired wing mirrors.

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2020-2021 BMW X7 Headlights BMW

The wheel arch spacing looks a bit off, though, and the lines become more cumbersome towards the rear end. Considering how large and imposing the BMW X6 M already is, it'll be interesting to see whether an X8 M will really stand out enough by comparison.

We'd say that an earlier render of the X8 M by X-Tomi Design looks a bit more resolved towards the back, but both are not short of aggression in front. When the X8 does arrive, it may not have direct rivals from Audi or Mercedes-Benz, both of which only offer X4 and X6-sized alternatives. BMW is yet to make any official announcement about the X8 M, but with its expected power figures, it should be one of the world's quickest SUVs.

2020-2021 BMW X6 M Front Angle View BMW
2020-2021 BMW X6 M Side View BMW
2020-2021 BMW X6 M Rear Angle View BMW
2020-2021 BMW X6 M Engine BMW

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2020-2021 BMW X7 Front Bumper Closeup
2020-2021 BMW X7 Headlights
2020-2021 BMW X7 Front View
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