Would You Be Mad If The Porsche's Next Supercar Looked Like This?


There’s a reason it looks like there’s hardly room for an engine.

Our beloved Porsche 918 Spyder is already five years old, not quite aged enough to worry about being replaced but old enough to allow for its game-changing technology to trickle its way down the lineup and infiltrate everything from the Cayenne to the Panamera. Let’s face it, hybrid Porsches just aren’t as impressive as they were when the guise of newness still surrounded them, but fear not because Stuttgart has already announced that it’s working on a revolutionary all-electric supercar platform.

That won’t be out until at least 2025, meaning that what the resulting supercars the platform spawns will look like is up to anyone's imagination. It’s wise to assume that if anyone had to hazard a guess, rendering artist Romain Gauvin would be the one to do so accurately (or at least attractively). The result is nothing short of jaw-dropping. From atop, the 9e1 Concept (as Gauvin calls it), retains classic cues from the Porsche 911. It still has circular headlamps and a simplistic rounded hood in the spirit of the Volkswagen Beetle on which the very first Porsches were built. The rear end drops off to find a vent at the rear and a single light strip, echoing current Porsche 911 design.

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But then you shift angles to look at where the front fascia would be, only to find that there’s nothing there. Aside from the four wheels, the 9e1 hardly seems to make contact with the ground. The only other low point in the car is a circular shape that seems to reach towards the ground. We assume that it contains legroom for the occupants, a battery pack, space for a wireless charger to recharge the batteries, or all of the above. Despite the awkward shape underneath, there still seems to be quite a bit of consideration placed on aerodynamics, with a front splitter and rear diffuser making an appearance on the sexy supercar.

One oddity can be spotted underneath the rear wheels, with what looks like a panel that extends to cover up all but the contact patch on the rear tire. While Gauvin may never reveal what it's there for, you can probably assume it makes the 9e1 go faster around the corners. Now if only Porsche can draw inspiration from this...

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