Would You Be Willing To Pay $65,000 (Or More) For Ford's New Luxury Truck?


We're not saying it will come to that. But what if?

Ford just showed the new top-line F-150 Limited but pricing info wasn’t released. This has led to rampant speculation that begins with the F-150 Platinum. This is the current king of the F-Series and a cursory search reveals that the top-tier four-wheel drive model starts at $55,305. The Limited will be above the Platinum and offer four-wheel drive, which means there will probably be two price tiers. So, how much would you be willing to pay?

There’s no doubt that the Limited will be extremely capable and luxurious. It’s basically a full-size luxury sedan that can also effortlessly tow a boat. Still, is Mojave leather, a remote tailgate and exclusive 22-inch wheels (among many, many other goodies) worth paying potentially north of $60,000 for? Hell, we honestly wouldn’t be shocked if a fully loaded limited sold for between $65,000 and $70,000. The big question is what will Limited owners do with their trucks? Will they double-dip, running the family around in luxury while towing the boat and a bunch of cement bags? Or will the Limited merely be an overpriced status symbol that moonlights as a pickup?

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It’ll be tough to blame Ford if it goes for the gut when pricing the Limited. It may show restraint, having learned from the fiasco that was the Lincoln Blackwood. Yes, those are two completely different trucks. But adjusted for inflation Lincoln’s luxury truck checks in at almost $69,000 in today’s money. Could the Limited see such heights? It’ll be interesting to see if there's a market for uber-luxury trucks, assuming the Limited gets a high price. It could really go either way. If it were our money we’d wait for the new Raptor and use the leftover cash for custom wheels and badass "RAPTOR" lettering.