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Would You Buy a Five-Door VW Beetle?

Rendering / 44 Comments

We'll admit it's not the prettiest but it may strike a chord with some.

The current generation Volkswagen Beetle is without question an improvement over its bubbly predecessor. This time around it's not a complete embarrassment for men to be seen in. Obviously some guys would never accept a ride in one even if they were trapped on the side of the road in the worst weather conditions, but hey, to each their own. As for the rest of us, Volkswagen's latest generation of its classic "Bug" combines bits of retro styling inside and out with plenty of modern.

The car is a solid all-around coupe and convertible that still attracts plenty of attention wherever it goes. But what if VW began to expand the Beetle lineup? What if it were to add an extra pair of doors? Rendering artist Theophilus Chin wondered the same and came up with these two images. To tell you the truth, a stretch Beetle doesn't really look right. But as we've experienced with automakers, German ones especially, if there's any good chance a particular variant of an already popular model will sell well, then they'll build it. Regardless, we doubt VW would ever consider a car like this one.

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