Would You Buy a Mazda2 Wagon If it Looked Like this Rendering?

It is actually a very appealing package.

It’s not that uncommon today to see various hatchbacks stretched to become station wagons. This mainly happens for the European and other overseas markets. Ever since the arrival of the minivan, the SUV, and now the crossover, Americans still haven’t fully returned to the wagon. Still, wagons remain popular for many buyers and often times they seek something with compact exterior dimensions as well as sufficient cargo space.

The VW Polo or the new Mazda2 hatchback a bit too small? Enter the proposed Mazda2 Wagon, thanks to the always creative rendering artist Theophilus Chin. His latest design concept is really nothing more than a stretched Mazda2 hatch, but the styling works very well here. Something like this would be ideal for many who live in populated urban areas and have stuff (and kids) to plop around. As of now, Mazda hasn’t ruled anything out.

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