Would You Buy A Range Rover If You Could Control It Via Your iPhone?

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That could be a legitimate question sooner rather than later.

We don't yet live in a time where you can drive your car using your smartphone, but we're getting pretty damn close thanks to Jaguar Land Rover. The company's researchers are showing off a new app that gives the driver control of the car when outside the vehicle. The top speed is limited to 4 mph, the smart key has to be in the ignition, and the driver can't get too close or far away from the car. The system is designed to help drivers do everything from navigating tough terrain to squeezing out of parking spots.

Researchers also equipped a test mule with tech that automates the three-point turn. That's right: The SUVs of the future will no longer need human help when it comes to turning 180 degrees.

Jaguar Land Rover
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The smartphone app is innovative and could be put to good use in the real-world right now. The autonomous turning is certainly cool but the object detection tech would have to be top-notch to ensure that the SUV doesn't become a bumper car when turning around.

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