Would You Buy A Supercharged, RWD Jaguar Hot-Hatch?


Um, yeah.

BMW has its 1 Series and Audi the A3, not to mention the RS3. Even Mercedes-Benz has something to offer in the hatchback segment: the A-Class. Heck, the three-pointed star has taken this a step further with the A45 AMG. So is there a reason why other luxury brands, such as Jaguar, shouldn't jump into the premium hatch market? Well, it all depends on how the car is executed. We'd personally love to see a Jaguar hatchback arrive at some point, preferably one with a supercharged V6 and rear-wheel-drive.

Rendering artist Theophilus Chin had the exact same idea going and these latest images are just a brief preview of that potential model. It really wouldn't be hard for Jaguar to make this happen. Everything is already in place such as the platform, engine, and tuning dynamics. Would you consider buying a Jaguar hot hatch? Done right, then yes. But something like this can't be half-assed. That would be an embarrassing disaster.

Source Credits: www.theophiluschin.com

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