Would You Buy A Tesla If This Was Its Next Model?


But can it beat a Model S in a drag race?

Designer Jans Slapins has come up with a new Tesla concept that is sure to make Elon Musk take notice. Tesla's head honcho is a bit busy trying to pioneer everything from affordable electric cars to commercial spaceflight, but even he can't ignore this badass motorcycle concept. Slapins' Tesla Model M is retro-futuristic and looks nothing like anything on the market. The designer also hasn't revealed what he believes would power it (obviously a battery, duh), perhaps wanting to let Musk fill in that gap.

Electric motorcycles have struggled more than electric cars with consumers. Even the legendary Harley-Davidson is proceeding with caution with its conceptual electric bike. So, do you think Tesla could change popular opinion on the electric motorcycle like it did the electric car or is this a bridge too far?


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