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Would You Buy An Electric Car That Charges In Just 10 Minutes?

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General Motors is developing just such a car.

No matter how amazing electric cars become, they still lag behind internal combustion engines when it comes time to refueling - or in this case, recharging. Even using Tesla's fast-charging stations, EVs take around 30 minutes to charge, whereas a simple fillup of gasoline takes just a few minutes. Porsche has been trying to match Tesla with its own network of fast chargers and Honda claims its EVs will charge in just 15 minutes by 2022, but according to a report by Automotive News, these companies may all play the second fiddle to General Motors if the company's plans come to fruition.

GM is currently working with Delta Americas to develop a fast-charging system as part of a three-year project. The goal is to create an EV that can replenish its batteries with 180 miles of driving range in just 10 minutes. While not as quick as filling up with gasoline, this could open EVs to a broader market of consumers. GM is reportedly readying 20 EV models with this capability to go on sale by 2023.

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GM's system would add about 18 miles of driving range per minute. Compare this to Tesla's superchargers, which add around six miles per minute, and Porsche's upcoming Taycan, which the company says will add around 12 miles per minute. GM's claims would place it at the top. As of now, the Chevy Bolt requires around 30 minutes to gain 90 miles of range, so cutting the time by two-thirds and doubling the range gained seems like a lofty goal. If GM is successful, it could change a lot of opinions about EVs.