Porsche Taycan Shown In New Body Styles


Interest in Porsche's upcoming EV continues to grow.

The Porsche Taycan has not even been released yet but such is the interest surrounding this car that fans are already imagining what the upcoming four-door EV would look like in differing body styles.

Some are fanciful ideas that will clearly not make it to production, but an entrepreneuring member on the TaycanForum.com has just posted a number of very realistic looking renders of what he thinks the vehicle would look like if it were available as a Targa or Sport Turismo variant.

The Taycan is slated for a late 2019 release and the launch body style will be a four-door coupe although it is highly likely that a Sport Turismo variant will join the range at some stage. The Sport Turismo renders shown here take their cue from the current Panamera Sport Turismo, and don't be surprised if the real deal looks something similar.

The Taycan Targa renders are less likely to become a reality although the full-length glass roof really suits the look of the car. As opposed to the existing 991 Targa models which feature an electrically folding roof section, these renders draw their inspiration from earlier Targa models such as the 996 and 997.

Porsche is on a drive to electrify fifty percent of its model range by 2025 and the Taycan is a very important model to reassure existing clients that this move will not dilute the brand's core values.

According to a recent report from Porsche, the Taycan has also attracted a lot of attention from owners of rival brands with most of their pre-orders coming from existing Tesla owners. We can't wait to see whether the Taycan can match up to the hype when it arrives but with so much effort and development put into it, it is unlikely to disappoint.


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