Would You Buy This BMW 8 Series Coupe Over An S-Class Coupe?

If you slash two door off a new 7 Series, will it become a sports car?

Lessthan a week after the introduction of the 2016 BMW 7 Series, it seems that theworld of ultra-luxury sedans has a serious new contender for the title of thebest of the best. Packing 320-445 horsepower in its current 740i and 750i trims,BMW plans to give competition from Mercedes and Audi a serious run for theirmoney with the help of highly-advanced technology and loads of luxury goodies.But at its debut, another thing about the new 7 Series became increasinglyevident: it might be fast and powerful, but this is no sports car.

However, as the Mercedes S-Class has proven, luxury limousines can beturned into sportier-looking versions of themselves when carefully crafted intoa meticulous two door coupe. And like the Mercedes S-Class Coupe, this attempt at creatinga 7 Series Coupe, christened by its rendering artist X-Tomi with the BMW 8Series Coupe moniker, is actually quite striking. Throw in the 7 Series'technology, engines and driving capabilities and you might get a true luxurytwo-door creation that would draw potential buyers away from those lusciouscurves on the S-Class. Or would they? Given the choice of these two beauties,which one would you drive home at the end of the day?

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