Would You Drive Home With An Air-To-Air Missile Riding Shotgun?

One guy did. Zero f**ks given.

The next time you’re driving in Florida make sure to take a careful look around should you be caught in traffic. If you’re lucky you might come across a guy casually cruising down the highway with an Israeli air-to-air missile. Tom Madden, the owner of the missile, bought it from a widow whose husband won it years ago at an auction to benefit the Israeli Defense Forces. Rather than ship it or truck it home Madden decided to cruise down the highway with the missile riding shotgun.

Incredibly he wasn’t stopped by cops and no one really seemed to care about his (likely deactivated) ordinance. Continue below to see some of the hottest and funniest passengers we've come across over the years, including a lion and two hot babes attempting to squeeze into a single Pagani seat.

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