Would You Ever Get Tired Of Hearing The Glorious Sounds Of A Ferrari?

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Probably not, but these people are.

Hearing the incredible roar of a supercar at full throttle is something that everyone should experience but very few have. Moving to the northern Italian town of Maranello would give enthusiasts the ability to hear the amazing sounds of Ferraris roaming through the hills, which is apparently a bad thing to some. Recently, residents of the town have been complaining about the number of supercars blasting through the town on test drives. Is that something people should ever complain about?


Residents of Maranello are claiming that the constant roar of the supercars is disturbing their tranquility. The Mayor of Maranello, Massimiliano Morini, stated that complaints have been made in regard to the noise from the Italian supercars and since many businesses are offering Ferrari test drives to the public, speed has also become a problem. The mayor and city officials have been cracking down on businesses that are giving away test drives. Apparently there are roughly 37 businesses that offer a driving experience for Ferrari fans who want to drive the supercars around the scenic area. In addition to being dangerous and noisy, the driving experiences are also lucrative with drives costing up to $1,500.


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