Would You Hate The Nissan Leaf If It Looked As Good As The IDS Concept?

Here's proof future cars won't look entirely awful.

Nissan has brought its IDS concept to another auto show after first showing it off at the Tokyo Motor Show last year. In case you've forgotten this concept is both powered by electricity and features a nifty autonomous driving system called Piloted Drive. The electric range of the IDS concept is pretty damn good, but we'll talk about the autonomous system first. In self-driving mode the steering wheel retracts and the front seats swivel to face those in the rear. In the place of the steering wheel is a touchscreen, making the IDS concept a living room on wheels.

The IDS has a 60 kWh battery good for a range of 341 miles.It also has a carbon fiber body and pencil-thin 175 mm tires. It’s safe to say the Nissan IDS has a very original look. It has aggressive angular styling, but every panel is flush, including the front fenders. Nissan's Piloted Drive system is coming to cars soon, such as the 2017 Qashqai in Europe. Of course we don't expect that system to be as hooked up as this one. We also don't expect to see such outrageous styling on an electric Nissan any time soon. Of course that could change given the positive reception this car is bound to be getting from the media and general public. We're not saying the Leaf needs a redesign...but it could use a redesign.

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