Would You Pay $366,369 For A Vanity Plate? Someone In The UK Just Did

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Would you rather own a supercar or a vanity plate?

Getting a vanity plate in the UK takes a bit more work than it does in the United States. For starters, you need to compete in an auction, which means that special plates will sell for a crap ton of money. That's exactly what happened when the number plate KR15 HNA went up for sale. For those who don't follow religion, the plate roughly spells "Krishna," the supreme Hindu deity. An Indian businesswoman won the plate with a bid of £233,000, or $366,369 USD.

In addition to KR15 HNA grabbing a ton of cash, the similarly designed KR15 HAN also pulled in £98,500, or $154,881 USD. The only issue is that the UK's DVLA (the country's DMV equivalent) doesn't let people put number plates on cars that make them look newer than they are. In this case the "15" in both plates means they'd need to go on a new car. If all else fails we're sure a T.G.I. Friday's would use them as wall decorations.

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