Would You Pay Attention To Le Mans If This LEGO 911 RSR Was Running It?

Give us a good reason to watch a 24 hour race.

It’s well-known that LEGO isn’t just for kids. It can also be used by car-crazed adults to make just about everything. There was a six-speed manual transmission made using the toy blocks and now we have this: a Porsche 911 RSR spotted at Le Mans. Alright, so the entire car isn’t made out of LEGO. Actually, only half of it is and that’s what makes this project so awesome. Leaving the real deal intact allows you to see just how accurate and detailed the LEGO portion truly is.

Everything from the livery to the lights has been painstakingly recreated using 380,000 bricks. The LEGO Michelin man looks especially cool. Le Mans definitely isn’t for everyone but it’s hard to hate on this awesome LEGO 911 RSR.

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