Would You Prefer A 2016 Camaro 4-Door Coupe Or Shooting Brake?

Two renders make the new muscle cars into very different fantasy cars.

It'sbeen a couple of weeks since the debut of the new for 2016 Chevrolet Camaro. We've already told you all about it, compared it to the 2015 Mustang andshown you what the convertible and Z/28 might look like. Now that all the practical issues have been taken care of, it'stime to explore other options and imagine what else could be done with thenewest American muscle car in order to make it even more appealing to other markets andadditional drivers. Luckily, rendering artist X-Tomi design is here to help us.

X-Tomi has created two very different takes on the new Camaro: one is ashooting brake edition, a two-door sports wagon that would offer (in ourfantasies) the same agility and performance, but with additional utility overthe coupe and convertible. Next, and even more appealing, is a four-door coupe.Because, when you think about it, why shouldn't the whole family have a chanceto enjoy dad's new Camaro? Are these two versions even worth dreaming about, orhas this simply gone too far?

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