Would You Rather Be In The Band Journey Or Drive A Dodge Journey?

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It's not as easy a question as you'd think.

On paper this seems like no contest. When given the chance to be in the band Journey-the outfit responsible for the karaoke classic "Don't Stop Believin-or drive a Dodge Journey, the choice seems natural: join the band. Journey has been doing its thing for decades now, cranking out albums and touring the world. Its songs are a staple at weddings, karaoke bars and bar mitzvahs across the planet. The Dodge Journey on the other hand is not a band. It could fit a band comfortably inside as it offers seating for up to seven people, but it's not a band.

Since cars and bands are nothing alike, let's examine how each choice, joining the band or driving the SUV, will affect your life. Let's start with quality of life. Joining Journey means you'll have to be on tour. The band has definitely slowed down on the shows, but that doesn't mean it only plays a few gigs a year. In fact, Journey's website shows a pretty active touring schedule, with shows in 2015 stretching from March to October. Granted the dates are spread out and the money is probably (definitely) good, but that doesn't leave a lot of time to be home spending time with your family and friends. In fact, Journey famously said that "the road a'int no place to start a family."

As we mentioned, the Dodge Journey can seat up to seven, meaning you can fit your entire family-the family you couldn't have if you joined the band-inside and a friend or two as well. It can also get up to 500 miles a tank, which means you could travel just as much as if you were touring with a rock band. Advantage: Draw. But what about looks? Being a rock star is known to up the coolness factor of a person by several points. Singing or playing in front of a sold out arena will definitely make you look like a badass. That being said, the Journey is actually kind of a looker itself, especially when you kit it out with optional accessories like a body-colored grille and 19-inch aluminum wheels. Still, being a rock star can't be beat. Advantage: Journey.

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One thing you probably didn't think to consider is stress. If you joined Journey you'd be expected to contribute to the band in some form. Will people stop believing when you start signing? Do you really trust yourself on guitar when its time to shred during the power ballad "Faithfully"? If so, can you do it as well as your band mates and fans expect you to night after night? When it comes to driving a Journey, well we don't see how you'd stress too much. Even if you're a bad driver there's electronic stability control and optional all-wheel drive to help keep you on the road. There's also an optional backup camera in case you can't park to save your life. And speaking of saving your life, four-wheel disc anti-lock brakes are standard.

Basically, driving the Journey will be less stressful than playing in the band Journey. Advantage: Dodge Journey. For those of you keeping score it's a tie (1-1 with one draw). With all that said we'd probably join the band, but driving the Dodge is a pretty tempting alternative.

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