Would You Rather Buy Rod Stewart's Miura Or A New Bugatti?

The asking price seems ridiculously steep.

Last we saw Rod Stewart’s Lamborghini Miura it was on the auction block in the UK. That was 2014, and it ended up selling for the tidy sum of $584,000. Whoever bought it is trying to capitalize on their investment by listing it on eBay motors for $1.89 million. Yes, this Miura is awesome. For starters it's the "S" edition (20 more horsepower and a better chassis) and its right-side drive, which is rare. It’s also in really good shape cosmetically.

Is all that enough to warrant the asking price? No. It’s doubtful that someone would even plunk down half of that to own a car Stewart likely hasn’t touched in over 25 years. It's a classic for sure, but $2 million dollars can buy you just about any car in the world.

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