Would You Rather Have A Lamborghini Aventador Or This Old Lambo Truck?


This may sound like a silly question, but what if the old truck was also a Lamborghini?

We've always had a soft spot for the often unloved Lamborghini LM002. While this old truck was far from the most visually stunning car Lamborghini ever made, its uniqueness made it highly desirable. It seems like collectors have been catching on to the Rambo Lambo because prices are much higher than we remember them being a few years ago. We have reported a few LM002s for sale in the past, like in 2014 when they were around $100,000 and in 2015 when prices were still under $200,000. Unfortunately, the time to buy one at that price is over.

We could only find a few Rambo Lambos for sale, with the most expensive example costing $465,000. This black 1990 example is being offered by Cats Exotics in Washington State, and just received a $325,000 mechanical overhaul. This is also one of the later models which came with the V12 engine out of the Diablo instead of the older Countach engine. Only 328 LM002 models were built in total, and only 48 of those were American editions. Unfortunately the car's rarity means that parts are almost impossible to find, which is why prices have remained relatively low. Tires, for example cost over $5,000 each. Still, it seems like the collector market for the Rambo Lambo has finally taken off.

The least expensive example that we could find was a red model in San Francisco for $231,900. Even the least expensive example that we could find is around $50,000 more expensive than one year ago, meaning that there is a clear market for these cars. If you can afford one, we suggest you buy an LM002 now before the Urus is released.

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